Eb Bass – Josh Moorhouse

My banding background starts off as a string player on the ‘cello when I first learnt to read music and subsequently joined weekend and school orchestras. I continued to be a devoted string player right from primary school to university, even mocking my house mate at university for being the conductor of the University Brass Band. He had the last laugh when I got interested and bought a trumpet off eBay for an experiment and soon after joined the band on back row cornet.

As often goes in brass bands there soon came a vacancy on bass, a spare bass and one too many cornets. So I obliged and started on the bass. I then tried to continue with the cornet on two occasions when joining bands after leaving university. I played cornet for about half a rehearsal each time when I was met with the phrase “we hear you’ve played bass in the past”. I’ve now decided to go with the flow and stick with the bass, although it could be a reflection on my ability to play cornet.

Most memorable playing moment …
Taking part in the first ever University Championships in Lancaster

Proudest banding moment …
Marrying the solo horn player

Previous bands …
Oxford University Brass Band
City of Oxford Silver Band
Vale of Glamorgan Brass Band
Usk Town Brass Band

Favourite piece …
Windows of the World, particularly the Euph solo

Musical ambition …
Play louder, play lower!

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