Cornet – Damon Emes

Most memorable playing moment:

The really special one that comes round every year is sounding Last Post and Reveille at Remembrance ceremonies including in my home town of Wokingham where I serve as Honorary Town Bugler.

Proudest banding Moment:

Marching through Saddleworth villages on Whit Friday evening playing to cheering crowds on the way to the contest arena.

Previous Bands:

Having discovered brass banding a bit late, most of my previous “bands” are classical orchestras and choirs. My first proper “job” was as a chorister at St Paul’s Cathedral and I have been involved in traditional and contemporary church music ever since. In addition to “Saints” I also play with the British Association of Christian Bands which draws mainly from S.A. musicians and repertoire.

Favourite Piece:

  1. For blowing – Wick 2FL.
  2. For listening – any slow melody recorded by Maurice Murphy.
  3. For performing – Autumn Leaves, arr. Bill Geldard (re-arranged for flugel).
  4. For contesting – Shine as the Light or Renaissance, Peter Graham.
  5. For Marching – Arnhem, Kelly.

Musical Ambition:

Never let the notes get in the way of the music.

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