2nd Cornet – Bill Martyn

I took up the trumpet on a whim when I was 14. Having previously had piano lessons with little success I found one line of music much easier to read.
As a result I took to it very quickly and was soon in the wind band, orchestra and CCF band. I also played in our dance band, run by ourselves (no help from the music department in those days, in fact rather frowned upon). As well as giving performances at school, we played for deb’s dances and Hunt Balls in the holidays. This was in the days just prior to the guitar revolution.
Sadly after leaving school I didn’t play for some ten years. I was then asked by a school friend to make up a small band for the occasional gig in the Reading area and as I discovered that Saints band practised just down the road, I joined just to keep my lip in. This was in 1971 and I’ve been there ever since. I started on rep and then had several periods on soprano.
I had to give up sop when without warning I couldn’t play it or my Bb anymore! This was diagnosed as due to an over active thyroid gland. Treatment was immediately successful and as I had started playing trumpet again I found it easier with my limited musical ear to stay in Bb!
I enjoy a wide range of music and I am unable to find a favourite piece. At my age my ambition is to continue playing as long as I am able as that whim nearly 60 years ago is one of the best decisions I ever made.
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